East Side Scallywags Untie on May 4th

It was a fine day with a light breeze from the southwest when the East Side Scallywags untied at about 15:15 on May 4th. Eight sailors showed off their talent during the pre-race shuffle in Ship Yard Cove and at 16:00 exactly the horn sounded; seven boats turned to cross the starting line while the eighth boat tacked through the wind before jibing across the line. Everyone rallied for position in the wind-shadowed pinch point between Brown island and San Juan Island. It was like a race in slow motion. Arnie and crew in Borr took the lead heading to the Reid Rock Buoy out in San Juan Channel clearly intending to make a clockwise turn around the mark. The Salinas’s in Odin being last to cross the line quickly made up time while slowly passing one boat after another before settling in on a broad reach, neck and neck with Sleeper, to take the mark counter-clockwise. 

The close-haul on the last leg of the race found all boats beating towards the finish line. Odin kept a strong lead over Sleeper and closed the gap with Borr. Arnie in Borr took first in 40 minutes with Odin close behind. Sleeper took third; Lana Ann, Serenade, Juliet, Mix-up, and Kathy Sue respectively finishing this Scallywags race.

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