Event Information

Literary Cruise of the PNW on Saturday, September 5th 2020


The club's 'Literary' Cruise, scheduled for Sept. 5 - 9 or so, needs help. Our goal is to have a curated reading list ready a month or two before the trip so that those attending the cruise can read ahead and thereby better participate and enjoy the cruise. To get such a list, Leslie and Val wish to get recommendations from the readers, historians, story-tellers, art-appreciators etc. in the Club. They welcome all suggestions as to place-oriented books, essays, poems, stories, histories, art (paintings, photographs , ...) etc. with notes as to specific places. They also have pulled together a library of books that 'may' contain such place-oriented content. Please e-mail them (address in roster) with your recommendations or with a request to borrow one or more of the 26 books they currently have.

The path chosen for the cruise will be determined after sufficient place-related readings have been found.