Event Information

Race Adventure on Sunday, July 12th 2020

No registration just show up for a starting horn at 11:00 at Shipyard cove, Friday night start/finish line.

No gathering before or after "race" partying

Any and all sails can be used at your discretion

Results will be posted with pictures on our web site.

Finish when you want.

Use your engine if you want to consolidate with the pack.

Tides are mostly slack around 11- 12:30 on Sunday with a gentle ebb starting around 2:00pm.
Course could be: Start at Shipyard cove at 11:00am, sail up to Jones Island leaving Reed Rock to port, rounding Jones Island either way, then back to Shipyard cove leaving Read Rock buoy to starboard, riding the ebb current home.

Every one wins you just have to start and finish to qualify for your picture on our web page.

No steak knives will be awarded

Please wear your mask and practice social distancing.