Event Information

Single Handed Race on Saturday, June 5th 2021

Friday Harbor Sailing Club welcomes you to the Single Handed Race June 5th, 2021


One race sailed single handed in the Friday Harbor area

Race as one division incorporating both race and cruise divisions

No Flying Sails allowed

No entry fee required

Auto pilots and self steering devises will be allowed


Communications: Race committee will monitor channel 72. Racers will call in their finish time using UTC/Standard time upon finishing to the race committee on channel 72

Schedule: The Start will be at 1100hrs (UTC/Standard time) . on May 25th 2019. The first horn is planned for 1055. Time limit for this race is 1600 UTC/ Standard time. UTC/Standard time will be used for this event for all calculations of handicaps.

Courses: The course will be selected by the race committee based on wind and currents and will be announced approximately 15 minutes prior to start time. Please consult your tide and current charts as well your navigation charts for hazards to navigation.  Be especially aware of the reef that extends off of the South end of Brown Island towards the vertical day marker used for the port end of the start line.

Start/Finish line: This will be a self-start race with no committee boat. The onus is on the Skipper to get a clean start. If you think you were over early, you probably were. Sail to the pre-start side of the line and restart your race. The Start/Finish line will be between the vertical day marker #2 off of the South end of Brown Island and the white mooring buoy typically used for Friday night racing anchored approximately 100 yards to the East. In the event of a twice around course this white mooring buoy at the port end of the start line will serve as the rounding buoy leaving it to port.

Rules: This race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the U.S. Sailing Association, except as changed by this Notice of Race and by the General Racing Rules of Friday Harbor Sailing Club. These General Racing Rules will supersede all others in the event of a conflict. PHRF ratings will be used as modified as necessary by the Fleet Captain of FHSC. There is no protest committee so sail clean and fair and no sniveling.

Ratings: PHRF ratings will be used as modified by the fleet captain where necessary to promote fair and equitable racing. If a vessel does not have a rating one will be assigned by the fleet captain.

Fleets: This race will be sailed as one division combining both the race and cruiser division.

Safety: Boats shall sail with US Sailing near-coast safety equipment. Each boat must have a VHF radio capable of monitoring channel 72. Tidal and navigation charts should be onboard. All skippers shall assist other vessels in distress as a priority.

Responsibility: The skipper of each boat is responsible to help in the operation of the racing program and for the conduct of their crew. All competitors in the Friday Harbor Sailing Club events participate at their own risk. It shall be the responsibility of the skipper to inform the crew of the risks of sailboat racing, make sure they understand and accept those risks, decide whether their crew is competent and adequate for the event, and to decide whether to start or continue in a race.  All boats are required to be insured for liability coverage appropriate for the event.  Friday Harbor Sailing Club, its officers, directors and members accept no responsibility for damage to property, injury or loss of life as competitors participate.